Join us in celebrating and supporting families impacted by Williams syndrome! Throughout the month of May and beyond, we come together to honor our children, relatives, and friends with Williams syndrome, while increasing awareness of this unique genetic condition. But our work doesn't stop there. We also strive to raise critical funding for programs and resources that will shape brighter futures.

This year, our awareness theme is "connections," highlighting one of the remarkable qualities of individuals with Williams syndrome—their innate ability to connect with everyone they meet. Now, we invite you to take action by participating in our virtual and in-person Walks for Williams. Let's continue celebrating the power of connections that you have experienced through your involvement with the WSA.

We want to hear your stories! How have the connections forged through the WSA positively impacted your life? Share your experiences with us as we celebrate the meaningful connections that bind us together, connecting us to many other members. By supporting the WSA, we can make a significant impact on your journey to provide your sons and daughters with Williams syndrome the brightest future possible.

This year, we urge you to create a team, make a donation, and join either an in-person walk or our virtual Walk for Williams. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Williams syndrome and create a world filled with understanding, support, and opportunities for all.  Let's come together, no matter where we are! Walk for Williams - #EverywhereWSA

To register for an in-person walk, please select an event location below and click the button to be taken to the registration/donation page for the event.

Don't see an active event in your state? That means we are looking for an awesome volunteer to start one--we provide lots of support and ideas! Contact the Events Team at the WSA at to get started. If there is not a walk in your area this year, but you still want to officially fundraise, join us to "walk" virtually and create a personal campaign here. 







  • Miami - date TBD











South Carolina

  • Greenville - date TBD





If you don't see an event in your area, you can help change lives by volunteering for a Walk for Williams fundraiser!  These events are all about raising awareness and funds for individuals with Williams syndrome, and we need your help to make it a success.

You'll be a crucial part of the team that brings this event to life. Whether you're greeting participants, finding sponsors, spreading the word, or supporting the route, your efforts will directly impact the lives of those with Williams syndrome.

Ready to take action? Sign up now and be a part of something amazing!