The Williams Syndrome Association recognize that individuals with Williams syndrome have sometimes been excluded at school, in the work place, and in their communities.  We also recognize that supports and services often focus on what individuals with WS cannot do, rather than their strengths, gifts, and interests.

Therefore, the WSA upholds the following positions on inclusion. We believe that: 

  • everyone benefits when individuals with WS are meaningfully included in educational, work, and community settings 
  • individuals with WS should receive all necessary supports and services to fully participate in their family lives, communities, and society as a whole
  • high expectations should be the norm, and individuals with WS and their families should decide how they best learn, work, and enjoy social settings
  • “inclusion” is not one-size-fits-all, and will look different for each family based on each individual’s desires and needs
  • inclusion creates a sense of belonging in society, meaningful relationships, and opportunities to achieve dreams