One of the best ways to connect with other families and people with Williams syndrome, who can provide lifelong friendship and support, is to attend an event. The WSA, with the help of volunteers across the country, plans many events throughout the year. 

These events can be anything from family picnics, to meeting at the zoo, playdates, mom's brunches, bowling, holiday parties, or other fun gatherings that bring local families together. You can also be creative and host events that allow people to gather virtually, or more “on the go”. 

If you're considering planning a social event, check out the ideas below. Click each idea to learn more.

Traditional Social Events

There are so many options for social gatherings - the key is to gather together and make connections with others who understand your journey. Events can be anything, from meeting at a coffee shop to attending a sporting event together. Here are a few examples of popular ideas.

On-the-Go or Virtual Events

These events are perfect when it’s not easy to get everyone together in one place at the same time, or when it’s better to have families gather in their own group, rather than all together. In addition to the list below, some great examples are an adventure day at a zoo or park, a golf outing, an outdoor concert or an outdoor variety show.

When you're ready to submit your event info to the WSA, use the applicable link below to get started!