Looking Forward

Terry Monkaba

Following a year like 2020, and thinking about all that happened, I am thrilled that the words that come to mind as I think specifically about the WSA are: grateful, humbled, appreciative, and so importantly, proud and excited. To have only positive thoughts for the future following a year that seemed destined to provide only negatives is amazing.

A Personal Thank You from Terry Monkaba

Terry Monkaba

When the country was first shutting down and we were forced to cancel the walks, and then the convention and then the camps, it was difficult to imagine how we could ever meet our programming goals or operations budget for 2020.  In a matter of weeks, we lost the source (awareness walks and events) of more than 80% of our program funding, as well as our primary programs for individuals with Williams syndrome and their families. Only one thing was certain: we could not and would not simply sit back and wait to see what happened.

Maintaining a Resourceful and Supportive Community

Terry Monkaba

Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and able to find moments of enjoyment despite social distancing, interrupted work schedules, and new family demands. As spring emerges and we're able to celebrate the new season, I hope these moments might even bring a sense of rejuvenation.

At the WSA, we are also focused on rejuvenation-the process of making something fresh or new again.