This is a national event.

Date and Time

Wed, 12/27/2023 - 8:00 pm EST

Event Details

The end of the year and the holidays add their own unique spice to the normal stresses of life. While most of our FSN Groups take December off, we want to make sure there is an opportunity for parents and caregivers to come together to share stories, frustrations, successes, holiday tactics, or even spend a quiet hour with people who "get it."

This meet-up will be moderated by Joel Liestman (WSA Dir. of Family Support) and a few other volunteers. Breakout rooms can be made available for specific topics, if necessary.

Also, please join the Family Support Forum on the WSA's website to connect with group members between meetings and ask any other questions related to Williams syndrome.

If you have any questions or have specific topics you'd like to suggest, email familysupport@williams-syndrome.org.