The community of families impacted by Williams syndrome who are members of the WSA is 4,000+, but in your immediate community, you may be the only family with a child with Williams syndrome, or one of just a few.

Volunteers (parents and grandparents who can provide resources and information) have been identified in each state to help provide personal information and support. These Family Support Network volunteers are joined by many others who work hard to facilitate annual gatherings such as picnics, conferences, and fundraising events. If you're interested in volunteering in our Family Support Network, you can call the national office or email

There are two types of Family Support Network volunteers you may see mentioned:

  • Family Support Specialist: Volunteers who support local families in multiple ways, including being the first point of contact locally when a family receives a diagnosis or moves into the area, providing information about local resources, and hosting social events for local families.

  • Family Support Volunteer: Anyone who volunteers to support other families, either locally or virtually, in a specific way, which could include connecting with other families, leading a networking group on Zoom, or hosting an occasional social event, for example.

Using the tool below, select your state to find name(s) and contact email addresses of our Family Support Network volunteers, as well as separate calendars for events and regional Facebook pages to join. Make sure you are a member of the WSA so you are on our email list for communications.