Hey Fabulous Folks with Fantastic Follicles!

Get ready to let your do down (or up, or sideways, or however you like it) at the most hair-larious event of the convention! Saturday night from 7PM - 10PM in the Regency Ballroom is going to be a cut above the rest!

The Mane Event means all things HAIR! Tease up your classiest coiffures, pompous pompadours, or behaved beehives. You can go with the fanciest finger-waves or the silliest side-pony. Whip out a wild wig and wear it weirdly! Expand your hair’s frocabulary and become a vision-hair-y!

Stay tuned to learn how you could win a trim-mendous salon day leading up to the dance!

Currently the dance is sold out, but we're hoping to blow-out more tickets once we're thair.

Don’t worry about the heat, the hotel has hair conditioning!

Whether you’re rocking a mullet, mohawk, or man-bun, this is the night to flaunt it!

You’re going to leave with a permanent smile on your face!

Can’t wait to see your spectacular strands!


The WSA Convention Team