Thank you for planning an event or fundraiser with the WSA. Below you will find additional documents to help in the planning process. As we move forward, we will add more resources so please be sure to check back often and do not hesitate to ask if there is something missing. 

Please note that this information is only for volunteers whose events have been approved. If you are in touch with anyone interested in hosting an event, please encourage them to email Events at so we can get them everything they need.


  • Mid-March – Online Registration/Fundraising pages for your event will be ready (or sooner)
  • Last 2 weeks of April – Media outreach (send press release to local media contacts 1-2 weeks prior to walk),  Be sure to follow up on them.
  • June 1 – Due date for submitting Reconciliation Envelope (or within 2 weeks after your walk)


  • Sample Budget (.xls): To be used for gauging your walks income vs. expenses
  • Solicitation Letter (.doc): To be used for securing sponsorships, donations, in-kind donations of goods or services, etc.
  • Donation letter (.doc): Simplified letter to ask for smaller donations for an event, such as gift cards or bagels. It does contain language about sponsorship and sending a brochure.
  • WSA/WS Messaging (.pdf): Please use these descriptions of Williams syndrome and the WSA for consistency. This information should also be helpful in the planning process as you get out to speak with volunteers, donors, etc
  • Talking Points (.pdf): 2021 Info coming soon: A few “quick facts” and talking points to have handy for the media and your attendees.
  • General Press Release (.pdf): This is a general press release with info about walks/Awareness Month
  • Sample Press Release (.doc): This is a press release for "walk specific" announcements. Any changes to this press release, outside of including your walk's information, need to be approved.
  • Path to 28 Fundraising Tips
  • Walk Donation Form (.pdf): This form can be used by anyone participating in your walk to secure donations from their friends and family. While not mandatory, it is a great way to involve more people in your community and to boost the amount raised by your walk.
  • Walk Up Registration Form (.pdf): To collect contact information for day-of registrations.
  • Credit Card Form (.pdf): For those people who may wish to donate or register with a credit card the day of your event 
  • WSA's IRS Tax Letter (.pdf): Some businesses or organizations may need a copy of this form for them to make a donation or to sponsor your walk.
  • WSA's W-9 Form (.pdf): Some donors may request this form. 
  • Thank You letter (.doc): To thank those who have supported your event.  Contact our office if you require a Thank You/Tax letter.
  • Expense Reimbursement Form: Use this form to submit all event-related receipts for reimbursement. 
  • Rare but Real video
  • Walk photo video
  • Logo Usage Request Form: Prior to using the WSA logo on any signage, communications, or items you may display or sell, you must obtain permission. Before permission can be granted, please complete this form which will collect your contact information and how you intend to use the requested logo.  Your request will then be considered. Upon approval, we will email you the logo in the format you indicated on the form. Until you receive approval, please refrain from using the requested logo.

If you have any questions, please contact Events at or (800) 806-1871.