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Upper Midwest Region

Welcome to the Williams Syndrome Association, Upper Midwest Region.

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Regional Chair

Andrea Haglund of Andover, MN


It has been a pleasure, since fall of 2015, to be regional chairperson for the Upper Midwest region. My husband Tom and I have been blessed with three children: Twins Andrew and Elaina (WS) are teens and Nathan is their little brother. We live in Andover, MN where, after 11 years as a stay-at-home mom, I have begun working part-time as a special education para educator. I love the flexibility and seeing the other side of education. Tom is an accountant at a company that helps individuals with disabilities overcome barriers to employment. When we are not chauffeuring our kids to their activities, we enjoy fun family time including summer "tours." We have had an ice cream tour, a donut tour, and a history museum tour—and more to come! Paul Bunyan here we come! As a regional chairperson, I have enjoyed getting to meet many other families and hope to meet many more! My desire is to provide opportunities for families and individuals with Williams syndrome to feel supported, find educational and life resources, and to be more connected with other families. I am very open to your thoughts, suggestions and your help, so please contact me anytime.

Phone: 763-232-8577

If you would like your Regional Chairperson to contact you via phone, please send them an email request that contains your contact information and a brief description of the topic you wish to discuss. Or, if you prefer, contact the National WSA Office and we will have the appropriate Regional Chairperson contact you.


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