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Welcome to the Williams Syndrome Association, South Texas Region.

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Regional Chair

Tes Lopez-Rich of Katy, Texas


Hi. I live in Katy, TX outside of Houston with my family of four humans and two canines. I started volunteering when our daughter Lila was three, and now she is a teenager! At that time the walks were not yet started so not a lot to "volunteer" for, but the region did have a family picnic, which continues to this day and we added in the Walk for Williams. This group made us feel very welcome and it was comforting. I knew I wanted to make others feel the same way no matter how young or old the WS person was.  No one should have to feel alone on this ride. I expect and advocate for our WS family/friends to have more independence, with better health and safer social opportunities, and the WSA is educating us the parents, the grandparents, siblings, educators and medical professionals. With that knowledge and support we can make things happen for them and others of different abilities. The South Texas region has some great parents and with support from them, we would love to branch out with regional conferences, WS camp and mini events geared to specific age groups. I look forward to working with you on these efforts—feel free to contact me. 

Phone: 713-417-9418

Note: If you would like the Regional Chair to contact you via phone, please send them an email request that contains your contact information and a brief description of the topic you wish to discuss. Or, if you prefer, contact the National WSA Office and they will have the appropriate Regional Chair contact you.



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