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Canyon Region

Welcome to the Williams Syndrome Association, Canyon Region.

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Regional Chairs

Lori DeLeon, California 



Phone:  818-235-9388


Sara Kroll, Arizona

I have 2 children and Manny, age 13 has WS. I am a medical social worker, and have lived in Tucson for more than 20 years. I am a Partners in Policymaking Graduate and passionate about advocating for our children with unique talents and needs. My goal is to be available to families for information about Williams syndrome and the resources available to them in our AZ community.  I want to spread awareness and help WS families to be better connected throughout Arizona.


Phone: 520-275-8332



If you would like your Regional Chairperson to contact you via phone, please send them an email request that contains your contact information and a brief description of the topic you wish to discuss. Or, if you prefer, contact the National WSA Office and we will have the appropriate Regional Chairperson contact you.

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