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Williams Syndrome Awareness Events

May is Williams Syndrome Awareness Month!

Hello, WSA community. In following the advice of medical professionals and government officals about large-gatherings, we will be postponing or cancelling in-person awareness events for April and May. May is a crucial month for us to raise money for research and programs and spread awareness, so please watch for another way to support us. We plan to do a national virtual awareness event. Thank you for your continued support, and take care. 

For those who would like to make a one-time or monthly gift to the WSA, you can give now here. Thank you so much for your generosity. 

Thousands of people join the Williams Syndrome Association every year to raise awareness for Williams syndrome, a genetic condition that remains virtually unknown to the general public, educators and many doctors. Included in the awareness events are walks, runs, golf tournaments, and a host of other types of events in cities across the United States. Most events take place in May during our "official" awareness month, but we are happy to increase awareness year round!

Please join us to raise awareness for individuals with Williams syndrome and help the WSA provide the critical programming and support needed to help them reach their full potential.

To register or to make a donation, please select an event location below and click on the link to be taken to the registration/donation page for the event. We are working with all our coordinators on the details and every day, new ones are live!

Don't see an active event in your state? That means we are looking for an awesome volunteer to start one--we provide lots of support and ideas! Contact your regional coordinator or the WSA to get started.  If there is not a walk in your region this year, but you still want to officially fundraise, you can also create a personal campaign. Contact us and we'll set you up with an official page.  Thank you!

Want to participate in awareness month in other ways? We have some great ideas. For some shareable information cards, click here